Kahuna Host was founded on the island of Maui in 2010 by Jeff Milone and David Morgan. The founders had created the popular WordPress theme company, Organic Themes, the year prior.

Kahuna was created to serve as a complete solution for their WordPress theme customers — providing them with all their WordPress website needs. We began with the idea of providing our customers with the best WordPress solution possible. Our extensive knowledge of WordPress and themes allowed us to support our customers in ways typical web hosts were unable to provide. It was a good marriage of our services.

As Organic Themes grew in popularity, so did Kahuna Host. As we worked to create a more seamless hosting solution for our customers, we began to experience some growing pains along the way. In an effort to continue providing the best WordPress hosting experience possible, Kahuna Host partnered with the great folks at World Wide Web hosting.

The result has been amazing! We now have the strength of a large and powerful hosting team coupled with our knowledge of WordPress and themes. Kahuna Host has web servers distributed across the world, an amazing support staff on call at any time, the latest software and ultimate reliability and security. It’s managed WordPress hosting at its absolute best for an affordable price.