New Hosting Features and Design

Hosting is a utility of the internet. A necessity for any website, but typically a confusing and unglamorous portion of the website creation process. In an attempt to remove the confusion, we have recently re-designed our website, account admin and control panel dashboard. We believe the result is, well — pretty. Not only is the new look easy on the eyes, but our hope is that it will eliminate confusion — creating a better, more seamless user experience.

Appearances aren’t the only thing changing over here at Kahuna Host. Over the years, we have learned a few things. We’ve made some mistakes. But our goal has always been to provide a quality, stable hosting environment for WordPress powered websites with helpful, responsive support for both hosting and WordPress. As a result, we are constantly making tweaks and adding new features to increase the stability and speed of your website.

Some of those features include Varnish caching for all new accounts, and available to existing accounts. Varnish speeds up the delivery of your website considerably — up to 1000 times faster! That’s fast! We know fast websites are better for performance, SEO, WordPress and you.

In addition, content delivery services such as MaxCDN and CloudFlare are available to all customers, giving you the opportunity to further improve the performance of your site. With a CDN, your heavy site content like images, video and scripts are delivered at lighting speed from data centers all over the world. The result is near instantaneous load times from anywhere on the planet.

We hope these changes benefit our new and existing customers alike. If there is anything else we can do, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us.

The New and Improved Kahuna Host

You’re looking at the new and improved Kahuna Host site. We have updated the design and functionality of the site. In addition, we are integrating several new features and security to our hosting service. We’re very pleased to announce that Kahuna Host will be working more seamlessly with Organic Themes, as well as other major players in the WordPress industry. We’re excited to see these new partnerships unfold over the next several months, and provide our customers with even better solutions.

We have added a showcase section to the site, displaying various websites hosted with Kahuna Host. If you would like to see your site in the showcase, submit it for consideration using the contact form.

In addition, we are expanding our FAQ page to include more common questions and answers involved with hosting, support and WordPress.

We hope you enjoy the new site.

Kahuna Host Officially Opens The Doors!

We have been perfecting our WordPress cloud hosting system for months. We are very excited to announce the official launch of Kahuna Host! Our hosting service offers brand new, state-of-the-art hosting technology. Taking advantage of automatic installation of the WordPress platform, and the dedicated resources of cloud hosting — Kahuna Host offers a service like no other in the hosting market. We are simply the fastest way to get started with a full WordPress content managed website, and the power of the latest hosting technologies. There are no strings attached. No necessary upgrades. And no hidden fees. Take a look at our packages today!

Manage Your WordPress Website On-The-Go

Just thought of something you need to add to your website? A minor edit, or maybe a whole new page? No problem! With your WordPress website hosted by Kahuna Host, you can publish content on-the-go with the WordPress App using your iPhone or iPad.

Maintaining a website or blog has never been easier. With the latest WordPress App, you can now add pages, posts, photos, video, manage comments and much more from your phone. The days of being a slave to your computer are over. Best of all, the App is free.

Customer Testimonials

Amazing!! thanks so much! I must say you are one of the best customer service teams and Jeff thank you for answering so many of my questions!!

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